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About Us

Welcome to the Talking Words podcast. Each season you will hear from an array of fascinating authors. From oral story-tellers, to memoir writers, from fictional autobiographies to reference writing, Talking Words is a haven for people who love storytelling. We dive into the importance of literature whilst celebrating its quirks, getting elbow-deep in the exploration of reading, writing and everything that happens in between.

Coming soon: A Summer Special of Talking Words! Introducing Talking Queer with Leona Hannah Cohen, Better Read Than Dead’s spotlight of LGBTQIA+ poets, essayists and writers, picking their brains about everything queer writing and reading. Join us for two exciting features as we meet writers whose ideas, opinions and perspectives attempt to make queer sense of the world, exploring the complex and shifting spectrum of human sexuality- and gender-diversity through literature.

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Talking Queer

Season 1 & 2


Olivia O'Flynn

Our host is Olivia O’Flynn. She comes from a background of performance, is a total book buff who likes making up words and believes stories are essential for humanity. She will be asking our guest authors all the important questions; how did they they begin their journey into writing? What are the highs and lows of the #writerslife? What do they read? And, most importantly, what’s the deal with how difficult it is to find mens flared pants (as discussed with Michael Mohammad Ahmad)?

Lucy Hayward

For our co-producer Lucy, Borges said it best when he said "Paradise for me is a kind of library." It's no surprise then that she found her dream job working in a bookstore! Lucy is obsessed with all forms of storytelling, and with her background in Philosophy and Art, has developed a keen interest in the metaphysical questions of life, and the role of creative practice in shaping meaning. She is also highly proficient at the seriously underrated skill of reading while you walk (without bumping into anyone or anything!).


Our theme music is produced by Adam Roberts.

All of our episodes were recorded on the Gadigal land of the Eora nation. We acknowledge and pay our respects to Australia's first storytellers, the traditional custodians of the land, elders past, present and becoming. 

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